Tata Nexon EV Review And Features 2020

Tata Nexon XE Key Specifications

PRICE₹ 13.99 Lakh
CAPACITY : 5 Seater

  • Specification
  • Features

Airbags : 2 Airbags (Driver, Passenger)
Child Seat Anchor PointsYes
Seat Belt Warning : Yes

Braking & Traction
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): Yes
Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD):Yes
Brake Assist (BA): Yes
Hill Hold Control: Yes
Hill Descent Control: Yes

Comfort & Convenience
Air Conditioner: Yes (Automatic Climate Control)
Front AC: Single Zone, Common Fan Speed Control
Heater : Yes
Vanity Mirrors on Sun Visors :Co-Driver Only
Cabin-Boot Access: Yes
Parking Sensors: Rear
Headlight & Ignition On Reminder: Yes
Keyless Start/ Button Start: Yes
Steering Adjustment: Tilt
12V Power Outlets: 1

Find My Car: Yes
Check Vehicle Status Via App: Yes
Geo-Fence: Yes
Emergency Call: Yes
Over The Air (OTA) Updates: Yes
Remote Car Light Flashing & Honking Via app :Yes

Seats & Upholstery
Driver Seat Adjustment : 6 way manually adjustable (seat forward / back, backrest tilt forward / back, headrest up / down)
Front Passenger Seat Adjustment: 6 way manually adjustable (seat forward / back, backrest tilt forward / back, headrest up / down)
Seat Upholstery :Fabric
Rear Passenger Seats Type : Bench
Interiors: Dual Tone
Interior Colours: Black and Grey
Folding Rear Seat : Full
Front Seatback Pockets: Yes
Head-rests : Front & Rear

Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Wipers

Power Windows: Front & Rear
Adjustable ORVM: Electrically Adjustable
Turn Indicators on ORVM :Yes
Exterior Door Handles : Body Coloured
Interior Door Handles: Chrome
Door PocketsFront & Rear
Boot-lid Opener: Electric Tailgate Release
Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs): Black

Entertainment, Information & Communication

Integrated (in-dash) Music System: Yes
Head Unit Size: 2 Din
Speakers: 4
USB Compatibility :Yes
Aux Compatibility: Yes
Bluetooth Compatibility: Phone & Audio Streaming
MP3 Playback: Yes
AM/FM Radio :Yes
iPod Compatibility: Yes
Steering mounted controls : Yes
Voice Command : Yes

India's Highest Selling Electric Car : Tata Nexon EV

Tata's first electric car that Tigor EV wasn't really targeted at everyday car buyers.

This one however the nexon EV its second electric car definitely is it comes with a 129 horse power ectric motor a claimed range of 312 kilometers according to ARAI and plenty of comfort features on the inside.

Nexon Ev

what's it likes to drive is it a good replacement for your petrol or diesel these and other questions answered when we drive the car today .

the nexon EV is different on the outside more ruggid looking to begin with the facelifted version.

gets a higher bonnet new headlights and a new front grille there are plenty of blue elements to indicate it's an EV.

At the rear the new Union Jack like clear lamps, feature LED elements under the skin.

Tata's first Eevee for everyday buyers gets a liquid-cooled battery pack and a 312 kilometer range according to a ARAIS optimistic driving cycle.

powering the car is a permanent magnet motor that puts out a maximum of 129 horsepower and 245 Newton meters of instantly available Torque and the motor draws power from a 30-point to kilowatt-hour t-shaped battery pack that's placed under the floor.

for those concerned about the battery's durability and longevity the pack conforms with ip67 standards, which means it's waterproof to about one meter and Tata also offers an eight year of 160,000 kilometer warranty on the battery pack and the electric motor.

Dashboard is familiar but updated now this one obviously is the EV you get this anodized blue here beautifully finished.

it indicates that this is the electric version this one doesn't get the connected features but top spec versions of this car will get connected features with its own SIM you can do a whole host of things like geofencing alerts and stuff you get our activity band as earlier and importantly.

you also get this display in the instrument panel you can toggle through the various modes here ofcourse the most important mode is the energy flow.

so that you understand how to drive on the left of that is a sort of tachometer which goes from region, where 3 generates power back into the battery to eco driving mode that sort of eco range and then finally power on the top the steering wheel is also new and because a new gear selector takes the place of the traditional gear leaver.

Nexon Features

Basic design of the - seat comfort at the front remains unchanged with a good amount of support especially for the back and this is true of the rear seat - so in the back of the neck so on and it's easy to forget.

Tata nexon Ev

how comfortable this car is in the back excellent seat lovely support for the thighs good back support nice elbow rest and even plenty of headroom despite that arching roof despite the tight-fitting roof excellent.

Now ofcourse this is the Nexon EV so you get blue highlights here on the seat and this blue double stitching but what's missing is a sort of charging point here and maybe a 12 volt socket .

Tata has deleted the blower control as well the top spec xz+ luxe variant now gets additional features like a sunroof base leather at upholstery and auto headlamps and wipers some of the variants also get 35 new app based connectivity features.

initial impressions from behind the wheel are good now where the next one Eevee does a tremendous job is that first inch of throttle travel tap the throttle.

it moves forward effortlessly there's plenty of talk there's lots of energy and driving in this manner in a relaxed manner is pretty special it does feel very nice and comfortable it does respond to the total beautifully and as long as you don't require a sudden burst of power the works very well but as that initial spurt is beautifully metered and strong ask for a bit more power Indy.

It doesn't really respond quite as well it takes its time to build speed and then you'd prefer to have it in S mode once you make the switch to S of course there is a lot more power and the next one just flies down the road it is pretty thrilling there's a lot of acceleration.

starter claim this is one of their first cars that ducks under the 10 second time for 0 to 100 the only issue with sport or s is that the metering is a bit too aggressive put your foot down and it just launches into acceleration and the other bad bit is once you lift off it tends to run on a bit and that sort of takes some getting used to performance.

however is strong when tested zero to 100 kilometers now after just nine point four five seconds in sport with a car taking 12 point seven five seconds Indy or the normal drive mode pretty quick Flattr over the next one evey manages only a hundred and twenty kilometers an hour it

also doesn't have adjustable regenerative brakes so getting used to the region when you lift off the accelerator takes some getting used to despite the heavy battery.

it's also pretty agile now because the weight is seated so down low.

the Tata Nexon Ev already a pretty agile car this one is even more fun to drive sort of as the weight in the right place you can chuck it around on us.

the steering gives you quite a lot of freedom thing is on some of the tighter corners the inside wheel tends to spin up a bit with that extra torque from the electric motor with a heavy battery placed underneath the springs and dampers are a bit stiffer as a result there's a hint of firmness to the right it isn't uncomfortable per se but there's clearly a layer of stiffness now as it rides over busier and broken sections up the speed however and it comfortably rounds off bumps the brakes are also excellent now normally when you have regen braking the brake pedal feels spongy but not here there's a lot of bite plenty of confidence and it just gives you great deal of comfort when you're driving and stop-start conditions well

the Nexon EV is a bit difficult to drive is on steep slopes now what does take a bit of getting used to is the amount of rollback you get on a slope a lift off the brake.

that's a good foot foot and a half and that could be a bit difficult in tight traffic when it comes to charging DC charging is possible on the next on Evy do with 80% possible in just 60 minutes and it also can be fully charged from 20% up in just eight hours on a standard 15 amp AC plug.

Tata nexon EV works superbly as a city car comfortable quick off the mark and effortless to driv.

it feels so familiar most drivers will be happy to swap in a jiffy and with the strong performance in s those interested in bursts of performance won't be disappointed ..

Tata Nexon EV also has strong brakes tidy handling and is actually quite fun to drive and then there's a connected car track as well as the well equipped cabin a lot however depends on two things driving range in the real world expected to be between 190 and 210 kilometers

its price which we are told is between 15 and 17 lakhs sure early adopters who don't mind paying a bit more are likely to be interested but for those of you looking for a more definitive verdict we'll have to wait for a more thorough and detailed road test what can be missed however is that this remains one of the most promising V's to go on sale yet.

Nexon Ev Specifications

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